Safe Online Gambling

If you are having doubts whether online gambling is safe, yes it is! Safe online gambling has been an issue since it involves your money. For this reason, every player should gamble responsibly at safe online casino sites.

Always keep an antivirus and firewall updated, to protect and ensure safety from Trojan or any other malware software.

Please be informed that a safe online casino site and poker rooms will never send an email asking for your password or any vital information.

Keep your account information, password and playing activity private. Do not disclose any of your vital information to not give fraudsters a chance to steal or manipulate your identity and use it for illicit purposes.

At all times, make use of the security features (e.g deposit limits, RSA tokens, filters and parental blocks at all time).

Always and only play at recognized online gambling sites, reputable sources highly recommend these sites. Safe online gambling will not be an issue if you play only at the recommended sites.

Follow these guide and do not get stuck into the realms of unlicensed gaming sites to be safe.

History of Gambling

Gambling existed way before ancient times, gambling is as old as civilization, don’t you know? The Romans wrote about gambling, they retold stories where peasants and emperors gamble with dice. They use rocks, bones, and sticks as their chips. The early pioneers of gambling were Chinese, Europeans and Americans that has given the idea of the established games played live and online in today’s casino.

In the 1800s the first slot machine was developed, it has three spinning reels and five symbols. The outstanding benefits of the slot machine gave them the idea to produce more of it. The range of games expanded as the brick and mortar casinos became more and more popular.

In 1994, the first software of online gambling was developed. Antigua, Carribean and Barbuda, Carribean have been the first nations to enact the free trade agreements in online gambling. Two years later after it has been launched, the first gaming commission was made in Canada where in gaming licenses were started to issue. With the popularity of the internet gambling, online gambling websites started operating. Nations began to regulate and prohibit the industry.