Beliebteste Echtgeld online Casino Deutschland 2020

Dasselbe gilt für Live-Dealer-Spiele und Tischspiele, ein großes Casino hat eine große Vielfalt an verschiedenen Spielen. Sie reichen von den Standard-Roulette- und Blackjack-Versionen bis hin zu verschiedenen Videopokern und anderen Nischenspielen wie Sic Bo, Pai Gow und Red Dog.

Um den Deal noch mehr zu versüßen, bei so viel Auswahl unter den großen Casinos gibt es in der Regel spezielle Live-Casinobonusse für Spieler, die diese Spiele bevorzugen. Das bedeutet, dass sowohl Slot-Spieler als auch Live-Casinospieler fantastische Boni, Freirunden, Gratiswetten und Bonusse ohne Einzahlung auf ihre Lieblingsspiele genießen können.

Wenn Sie große Casinos besuchen, dann vergessen Sie nicht, einen Blick in deren Abschnitt über Live-Casinos und Tischspiele zu werfen. Vielleicht entdecken Sie gerade ein interessantes Spiel, dem Sie noch nie zuvor begegnet sind.


Es ist für jedes Standard-Online-Casino universell, sowohl Spielautomaten als auch Live-Dealer-Spiele anzubieten. Wenn dies nicht der Fall ist, dann ist es wahrscheinlich kein sehr vertrauenswürdiges Echtgeld Casino. Wenn es jedoch um die größten Casinos da draußen geht, bieten sie oft auch diese Sofortgewinnspiele für Spieler an, die keine Zeit haben, die Walzen zu drehen oder sich an einen virtuellen Roulette-Tisch zu setzen.

Sie finden diese Sofortgewinnspiele, wie z.B. Rubbellose und Lotterielose, unter der Rubrik Spiele des Casinos. Platzieren Sie einfach Ihre Einzahlung und wählen Sie Ihr bevorzugtes Spiel aus, um Ihren Sofortgewinn anzuzeigen.

Wenn Sie Glück haben, verdienen Sie vielleicht ein hübsches Sümmchen. Das Beste an Sofortgewinn- und Rubbellosen ist, dass das Casino sie für mobile Geräte anbietet, was bedeutet, dass Sie diese Spiele auch von unterwegs aus spielen können.


Man kann argumentieren, dass bei großen Casinos der Schwerpunkt mehr auf Quantität als auf Qualität liegt, doch wir sind da anderer Meinung. Einige unserer beliebtesten großen Online-Casinos sind in unseren Top 10 der Online-Casinos aufgeführt.

Wir haben diese Casinos nicht nur aufgrund des Umfangs ihres Betriebs beworben, sondern auch, weil sie häufig aktualisiert werden, wöchentliche und monatliche Angebote und Boni anbieten und im Allgemeinen einen ausgezeichneten Kundensupport in mehreren Sprachen bieten.

Wenn ein Casino expandiert und zu einem Großbetrieb wird, müssen Sie verstehen, dass es einen ziemlich großen Markennamen zu wahren hat und das Casino alles tun wird, um seine Spieler in gutem Glauben zu halten.

Das bedeutet, dass Sie sich zwar manchmal schwer entscheiden können, welche Spiele Sie zuerst ausprobieren möchten, aber Sie können immer auf die Fairness und Qualität eines großen Online-Casinos vertrauen.

Beware of these online Casino Scams

Since the legalization of online gambling which began in the mid-1990, the rise of online gambling sites has created a multi-billion dollar industry that has attracted millions of loyal players across the world.

These casinos scams are rampant particularly since a few of the more prominent establishments have chosen to pull out of the U.S. market although there isn’t any specific law stating it’s illegal to gamble online.

There are no real laws on casino scams

The only law which has been passed in the states caused it to be illegal for banking institutions to knowingly allow gambling transactions online unless it’s for the horse races or state lotteries.
Though there are several reputable online gambling casinos out there today, the truth is that the online gambling industry is not as well regulated as land-based casinos are and in consequence, there are a plethora of scams run by many sites trying to cheat honest people out of their hard-earned money.

Even though gambling is inherently risky, there are rules and regulations which an industry must abide by in order to be in business; however, this does not mean that there are not fraudulent online gaming sites that purposefully scam players out of their money every little opportunity they get.
Learn how to differentiate between the reputable online gaming casinos and the online gaming scams.

It is not impossible to find an online casino site doing legitimate business even with all scam sites all over the place. Before committing your money to any online gaming site, you need to do some thorough research into their reputation and whether or not they are licensed to be an online gambling site.
If upon researching, you find a particular site’s name coming up with poor reviews and bad customer comments, take the hint and stay far away from that online casino.

Go after your feeling

If something doesn’t feel right to you, then it isn’t right. If it looks too good to be true, then it is no true. A good list of casinos scams to avoid is here.

Take it or leave it, it is common to hear stories about players realizing that they are in the middle of being scammed by an online gaming casino, only before it’s too late to get their money back. Some online gamers have discovered some online casinos to be adjusting their manually as they discovered it was not randomizing the way it should.
beware scamUnfortunately, scams like these are all too common in the online gaming industry.
Another popular and effective trick is to target gamblers who have either been banned from a casino or who have already used up one deposit.

These gamblers would be sent an email asking them to come back and redeposit money, and then they would get a brand new bonus to play with.

Many people fall for this trick, but once the money has been deposited there will be no bonus released. Many times the casino will simply tell a player that they received the email in error and they aren’t actually eligible for the so-called bonus.

Most players will have no reason not to play their deposit in that type of situation and when they do, they have them.

Look on major review sites and reputable casino directories to see if an online casino has received positive reviews when trying to find a reputable online casino site.

After researching, the next step is to call their customer care number to verify their authenticity and even ask them a few questions not listed on their FAQ page.
Verify the casino further by researching the website on a domain look-up to find out more about the technical history of the site.

Those and more are the different scams perpetrated by these scammers, so you have to be vigilant in order not to be ripped off.

Top casino game download secrets

When you enter the realm of online casinos, you will realize that this world has 2 types of software for almost every online casino game, whether it is blackjack, roulette, poker or slots. The first casino game version you will come across is the web-based no-download version that doesn’t require any download.

And,  the second one is the casino game download, play casino games for free and win real money where you have to download the software onto your computer. It is essential for an online casino player to know the differences between the 2 versions to choose the best one for him/her.

The difference between no-download and download online casino games is that the later need to be downloaded onto your computer for the first time.

Quality of sound Effects and Graphics

But, once you have done it you will find that the quality of sound effects and graphics is far better in the download version of the games. You will almost enjoy a gaming experience that will be at par with the one found in land-based casinos.

When you play web-based no-download casino games, you will find that these games will slow down your computer and the speed of internet connection by taking up substantial amount of memory space. And, it is also going to be difficult to open other programs when the game is in progress.

For those seeking to enjoy their favorite casino games, it is ideal to play the casino game download version. It offers dependable gaming experience, where you will feel like playing in a real casino. The quality of this version of casino games is also affected by the kind of technology used by the online casino.

Flash technology

No-download online casino games are mostly based upon Flash technology. Therefore, it is essential for you to install Flash onto your computer if you want to play the no-download version of the game.

You need to know that download version of online casinos offer a much larger number of games as compared to the no-download version. Therefore, you are going to benefit more by playing the download version of the online casino games.

The basic difference between a download and no-download version of online casinos is that it is required to download the casino software in the case of the former version. However, after the first download, you don’t have to wait for the game to start from the next time because it begins instantly.

But, in the case of the no-download online casino version, every time you will have to wait until the game is streamed from the Internet. There is one more difference that download-based online casino games are user-friendly and offer better animation.

Medium or Fast Internet

You can have a medium or fast internet connection speed, but you can always enjoy the casino game download version. But, in the case of no-download web-based games it is essential that you have a very fast internet connection.

Also the interface, sound effects and graphics offered by download based games are much superior to its no-download counterpart. Thus, you can find that it is best to play your favorite online casino games on download-based casino software which is dependable and offers good gaming experience.